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Leper Lyrics

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(Excerpt from "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Before song starts)

It's an old scar, from an old wound
Acts up every now and then
It's been there ever since the day it was inflicted
By an evil little monkey with an evil little smile
And you know she's just lying
When she says it doesn't matter
Cause you know it still hurts
Even though it isn't bleeding

And it feels one day she'll go mad all of a sudden
Cause it makes her feel cold
Maybe just a little dirty
But she shouldn't take it out
On the one's who really love her
Even though she's been told
She's completely justifiable
It still doesn't help
After all....

Who can love a broken toy?

(Excerpt from "Breakfast At Tiffany's" again)

Even though it's still there
It's become a whole lot easier
Ever since she gave her life
To the one who died to save her
Now her blood runs white
And she's
She's thinking clearly
She won't let anyone
Tell her that she's crazy

Cause she knows how she feels
When she closes her eyes
And the healing began
The healing began
The healing
Withe every day that passes
You know she's getting stronger
Even though she's got a long way to go
She's come so far
Too far to look back now

(Excerpt from "Breakfast At Tiffany's" ending song)