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Le Kid Lyrics
"Mercy Mercy Literal"

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We are the L E the K I D
we are the palest pop band in history

We got inspired w didn't steal
The "around the world" with daft punk feel
Here's a guy with a tambourine
And a quick shopped up drummer scene

I am a pro I keep on smiling
Though I hate my styling
Next time I will sue

Ooops, he nearly fell
Oh not this close up
Here's another boob shot
Windy now it's calm

Now here is a bunch of fast clips baby
So we get on MTV now maybe
There's him again him again
Now back to me
Guy plays the guitar

And right on the que we're bending over over
The swimsuit dancers shaking heads but not in time
And the dude with guitar thinks that he is a star
But he's boring

And soon a quick shot of an awesome chest wig
We're gonna party like it's 1899
No they don't feel the beat
Cause they're played in repeat
And who chose all the pink and blue
Parasols that are spinning now
Dancers synched in a towel bow
Now we're under the parasols
P-p-parasols p-p-p-parasols

I know it's weird with two lead singers
She starts I continue
Who's this song about

That finger dance is kinda homo
Weird guy decides to kiss his trombone
They sit and dance
Sit and dance
Sit and dance
Dancers from behind

We are the L E the K I D
we are the palest pop band in history
We are the L E the K I D
One girl had to leave so now they're only three

There's only room for one super close up
The band gets interrupted by an artsy scene
Changing place no we don't
Now we're filmed from above
Brass and sunset

Three girls are lying with their legs up perfect
It's probably not ergonomically correct
Final shot of the band
Here's a close up again
A quick flirt then the end