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"Don't Turn Your Back"

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Wish that you could see
The future
Wish you could know
What lies ahead
Wish the road you're on
Be easier
You've come too far
To turn away

I know what it's like
To feel alone
I'll carry your burdens
On my shoulders

No need for you
To be afraid of
All the mountains
Left to climb
I'm the One who goes
Before you
You can leave all
Your fears behind

Maybe tomorrow seems unsure
But child you must carry on

Don't turn your back now
Don't turn away
Even when your sky turns grey
When the rain falls
I will be your shelter
I'll be your hiding place
Don't turn your back on me

Soon all your troubles
Will be over
All your sorrows laid to rest
And the road you're on
Will lead you
Into the arms of the One
Who said

Through it all one thing
Is for sure
I'll never let you down


Don't turn your back on me