Katastrophy Wife Lyrics

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Pretending I'm blind in the
Back of my mind I have
Eyes there
Permanent spent neon mind
Glowing bent like a church fair
It's enough to make you cry
Though you repent it makes
Less than a dent in the repair

Though you're absolved from
The ridlle you've solved
All or nothing
Used more than twice by
The succubus vice while
You're sleeping
It's enough to make you sigh

Believe what I say cause it's
Hidden away in the meaning

My Rosacea fall away
Following my light

Once was a muse system
Castle broken used to amusia
Found in a maze-meant I'm
Lost in the phrase of aphasia
It's enough to make you rye
All that I say is the final
Act play in dementia

My Rosacea following fall
Away my life
This song is from the album "Amusia" and "Amnesia".