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Justin Vasquez Lyrics

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If you got something to say, baby say it now
There's no need to hide a thing, girl just let it out
I've been looking at your eyes and I know something's up
Just tell me what you want to say, baby open up.

You know that I have liked you for a while
You know that I can't go a day without your smile
You know that you are all I want; it's always been you

Baby we could try something out
Baby girl just give me your hand
Baby we could try working out
You can be my girl, I'm your man
I really love to trust somebody who can trust me
I really love to love a lover who can love me
Can you just be my girl, I'll make you understand
Can you just be my world, I love to be your man
Girl if it's cool with you, I will not waste your time
Tell me what you want me to do 'coz I wanna make you mine

I see the way that you smile when you look at me
The way you laugh, the way you blush when you're close to me
I start to stutter and I'm tryin' to spit the words out
But I'm always lost in your eyes, the words will come out
[Repeat Refrain]
[ RepeatChorus]

Tell me what it is you want,
Tell me what it is I've gotta do to prove what the feelings that I'm feeling, Boo
You and I both know that the feelings that I'm feeling for you was the way that you feeling too
Not crazy, but baby, you make me smile so much
Not crazy, but baby, I'm gone from single touch from you
All the girls in the bar but I only want want you're the one that I want here with me
I'm a different man now better than before; you're the girl that I wanna be kissing
And holdin' and lovin' every single day
I like you, you like me so I'm just wonderin'

[Repeat Chorus]