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JusBlow Lyrics
"Taking Souls"

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[Hook: JusBlow]
Fuck Illuminati, I shoot ya body with this shotty
Now I got a hommie, guns like the army
But you know
How this shit go
When you come from 060
Posted on the block and all my niggas got poles
The jakes ain't on shit 'cause all my niggas take souls
The jakes ain't on shit 'cause all my niggas take souls
'Cause all my niggas take souls

[Verse 1: JusBlow]
Steve Drive be my kinfolk
I can see a fuck nigga in my rear view
If the nigga snitch he get dealt with
Now there's red shit on his outfit
Everybody want this clout shit
I want the guys back up in this shit
Bought some Robin's Jeans on some fly shit
Off the Tooka pack on some high shit
Never thought I would do this rap shit
But I had to finesse this rap shit
Like a concert, get clapped quick
On Instagram she wanna take a pic
___? know what the right doing
If the scene look iffy then I start shooting
Finna hop in a big body Porsche truck
You know the hoes going crazy when I pull up

[Hook: JusBlow]

[Verse 2: Young Famous]
Fuck niggas singing like CeeLo
Make a nigga bop like Kemo
Fuck niggas mad at me for
I can see you niggas hating through the peephole
I'm in this bitch doing me right now
Name a nigga hotter than me right now
If you want beef we can meet right now
Got a glizzy with a 30 on me right now
600 niggas on D-Block we hot
Bitch niggas is one thing we not
Nigga want war, nigga better speak up
'Cause my niggas don't talk, we just creep up
Call ___? up, bro pour the lean up
Only drink mud, nigga no clean up
Hoes sitting on my gang, my team up
We gon' shine, no Scotty, we gon' beam up

[Hook: JusBlow]

[Verse 3: BigSix0]
Niggas snitching names in them papers
My niggas savage, known to pull capers
Like Kobe, we scoring like the Lakers
I don't really fuck with niggas, they fakers
___? riding round with the Glock tucked
No leg shots, just top shots
Niggas can't hang out, it ain't safe out
Niggas only pop out when the jakes out
It's a drill on your block, go and hang out
With a savage from the 6 named Famous
Niggas only with the gang 'cause we famous
I done lost a lot of niggas to the lame stuff
Put the Tooka in a blunt, nigga flame up
Real since day one, can't change up
All the thots wanna fuck 'cause the gang up
I'm with Famous, he been making niggas famous

[Hook: JusBlow]