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Well my freshman year we had a awsome RA the best RA in the world
I wish he was with me all my 4 years, his name was Arnold Baldwin
We had this RA, Arnold Baldwin
This Big, Tall, Skinny Black guy
And he talked exactly like chris rock
And we loved him because he didn't give a crap about us
He didn't care hes like. . . . .
Im your RA, resident Assistant
Resident assistant
Im not the resident councler
Im not the resident mother
I dont need to know everything
Your friends throwing up in the bathroom
I dont need to know
Everybody throws up, hes lucky he made it to the bathroom
Just give him a tic-tak and a pillow and leave him alone
Leave him alone
I dont need to know
Your sweetmate smoking crack
I dont need to know
Just tell him to exahle through a empty toliet paper roll stuffed with dryer sheets
Make it smell like the mountain spring freshness of crack
I dont need to know
I dont need to know if you got a 40 once beer ball keg
Playing beer pong
Flip cup
Century club
Got some zoomey zoomey going on
I dont need to know
Cause I dont care
Your girlfriend broke up woth you
I dont care
Your roomates a pain in the ass
I dont care
You make a booty call at 4 in the mourning and she got a friend