Jerry Ropero feat. Cosi Costi Lyrics
"The Storm [John Dahlbäck Vocal Remix]"

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Nothing without you, I'm nothing without you.
Innocent virtues, I'm nothing without you, oh !

Living a dream, places that I've seen, it's nothing without you.
Searching my soul, don't know if you know, I'm nothing without you.
Remember when we, we were young and free, innocent virtues.
Searching my soul, little that I know I'm nothing without you.

And the storm is calling, yeah, I miss the sunlight on your face.
The rain is falling, yeah, since you left without a trace.
The storm is calling, yeah, it's all the seasons in one day.
You hear me calling, yeah, I long to feel your warm embrace.
This song is from the album "The Storm [Remixes]".