Jean Grae feat. Quelle Chris and Nick Offerman Lyrics
"Everything's Still Fine"

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Everything's fine
Everything's fine
Everything is fine
Hey, everybody, everything's fine
Everything is just fine
Hey, everything's fine (fine)
Relax, everything is just fine
You don't have to do anything about issues that don't affect you
Why would you?
Why would you have to do anything about issues that don't directly affect you?
(Don't do anything)
These things figure themselves out (don't say anything)
Do you live in St. Louis? Y'know, I believe that is their problem
Because everything is just fine
And don't think about how other people are feeling
And what happens to them, it's not like those are your feelings, y'know?
Because it's what you do, and only you, that matters
Everybody has their own mess, let them clean up their mess, you worry about your bag
(Everything is fine) go ahead, be complacent
(Go ahead) go ahead, be complacent, because everything is just fine
It's fine and dandy
Everything is fine
Everything's fine
If you're receiving notifications to the contrary
You might want to mute those channels, block those callers
Because everything is (fine) totally fine (everything is great)
Don't do anything, don't say anything (everything is just fine)
It's fine (it's fine)
They won't come for you, they won't come for you, they won't come for you