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Jay-Z Lyrics
"Goodbye Tomorrow"

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Heaven knows you mean well
Heaven won't you lead us
Let me know if I shall
God can only save us now

[Verse 1]
I walk into the building and I'm back like
A 45 jersey under black light
Jordan era rap, extraordinarily crack
Missed the past couple seasons, fuck the past
Every time I'm on this mic I'm Michelangelo painting portraits of hell
This bitch had thought she could keep me under a shell
Shootin shells at the roof, this is no longer a coupe
This a coup de tat, find the quickest route to getting loot
Nigga, tell 'em when I'm there I'll beat the rookie of the year
And after that the MVP, been a champ my whole career
Put my crew all on my shoulders with me everywhere I go
I ain't stopping til I'm on and when I'm on I want a throne
Man, I been a king, nigga

Girls on the floor going crazy
In a Mercedes, feeling like I'm JAY Z
And you know we probably faded
Bitch, we celebratin'
Feelin' like I'm Jay Z
I'm feelin' like I'm Jay Z
These bitches got me out here feelin' like I'm Jay Z
I'm feelin' like I'm Jay Z
I'm with my niggas and I'm feelin' like

[Verse 2]
Look like the son of a god inside the mind of a man
I got the heart of a lion, I got the head of a ram
I paint pictures with words nigga, I fuck up a pen
Been bodybagging these tracks ever since I fucking began
Same ass nigga that I was back then
I don't rock no gold chain, I don't got no rolex
I don't got no gold grill, but I'm mad real and my flow sick
And I go hard, I'm over looked
Over due, I over work
Overdosed on all that kush, overload, comatose
I'm back, I'm never stoppin' on some Hova shit
Had to stop cause bitches always actin' on some bogus shit
Think I'm resurrected lights all on a nigga glow and shit
Feel like I'm the greatest so the greatest seem appropriate
Nigga what?


[Verse 3]
Real nigga, I'm on one, these niggas ain't on shit
Stop worrying about old shit, shoutout to my old...
Girls on the floor and they worshippin 'me
They twerkin' for me, I'm God in here
Stunt on hoes I kinda dated, I kinda made it, we right up here
Man, you know I'm rolling deep
Fuck whatever club if my whole team ain't here with me
We got a couple bottles and some bitches in the back
Her heads in my lap, she love the way I rap