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Jaja Soze Lyrics
"Broken Trust"

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While you was drunk, raving out on new years eve
I was sittin' writing business plans on fings I must achieve
Cos I aint happy living here; right now I'm trying to leave
The hood is hungry, that's why everybodys dying over greed
When if gun bus's even have to duck and breeze,
It sounds good untill your bestfriend gets sticks and bleeds
They used to want to study now these college kids are greeze
Even the posh kids are wearing baggy jeans and tees
I keep telling kids not everyone you see is g's
You think we like it how were living with these guns and keys
And if you slip your girl will sleep out for some d's and g's
Her brothers beefin over pussy like some rats with cheese
And if your muslim just know that somebody counts your deeds
From the time you leave your house till when your shottin b's
I had so many chains; I'm bored, so now I'm rocking beads
In my car, roof down; nodding to the breeze
With a hottie that looks nice, pulling on my sleeve
Louie head to toe, but underneath she probably got disease
Weave blowing in the wind, cleavage so you can see;
Might fool them other guys, but girl you aint fooling me
Cos guns girls & jewls, none of this aint new to me
So flashing jewls in your videos, your a yute to me,
Try bragging bout progress and that might get through to me
Cos guns, bagging & killers that shit aint schooling me
And that man in the mosque said he hates my guts
Cos I always mention allah, I think he thinks I'm nuts
You waan judge me, trust; but your opinions suck
Your the same brothers that are probably snortin angel dust
You can't relate to me, I was born in handcuffs
I used to think, being born black meant; bankcrupt
While other kids were out shopping in toys r us
I was on the block shottin, seeing feds and dust
Go home late nights to beatings, or hear mum cussin
Nowadays these kids think they invented bussin
Everybodys turning killer now like chicks and sucking
In there gang there hard, but on there own there all ducking
Guns automatic, but I'm squeezin off manually
I don't rob for? I'm tryna feed my own family
Music is my life but seems there misunderstanding me
They say I'm to real and the industry can't handle me
So picture this, imagine me livin cris
Villas with ferraris outside you'll be missin this,
To busy banging trying to copy bloods and cripz
I'm in hatten, about to ice my daughters wrists
And my daughters cris, that's my little miss
This? in my hand, fam I brought her this
So if a man trys to hit, I'll shoot him in his dick
You can call me crazy if you want but that's my baby kid
I kill for my fam, that's just the way I live
Respect and loyalty that's just the love I give
And if my brother hungry, I'm like heres a?
Your my giezza your my dawg your my closest ****
I love my brother devie bike sides?
Either you love him or you hate him, shout out to cris
And if I see black as? I'm blowing her a kiss
You should see the pain in my eyes as I'm writing this
I got insomnia I still can't control my gift, so my dreams
I can't sleep it feels like a I need a spliff
If I was neeky, right now I'd probably cut my wrists,
or jump in the thames; sleeping with the fish
Untill this life is over, get money rollings over
See my childrens mums in the jags and the range rover
I'm the king of the city call me ja jehovah
And don't fink I'm soft, I still roll with?
And beyonce meant guys like me when she said soilder
The ganster type, when your husband leaves you?
Pull up outside your house horny in a stolen rover,
Wheres the narni at? bus you then it's game over