Icewear Vezzo feat. Peezy and Payroll Giovanni Lyrics
"The Commission"

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(Fuck the fire, we got grease)
(It's a Wayne beat) we're all bosses here
So what then
Charlie? We're gonna vote on everything?
That's right (His name's Pablo)
Everybody here is equal
Corporations have a board of directors
So will we a commission

Multimillion dollar nigga
I got tunnel vision (I got tunnel vision)
Throw the Patek in the sky
'til I see double vision
Turned ten thousand to a ticket
They ain't fuckin' with us (Nah)
In the trenches
Cullinan outside parked in front on sixеs

Maybachs and Cullinans
(yeah) , 580s, followin' my brother 'nem
Wе the ones that ain't nobody fuckin' with
(Ain't nobody fuckin' with us)
Bought the mansion next to Lou mansion
Call that Doublemint (What up, twin?)
Invested into sports, I'm on some other shit
(I'm on some whole other shit, 4-1)

Drop coupe Benz, it's the summer whip
See me tomorrow, I'm in some other shit
(yeah) same ones I struggled with the
Same ones I'm stuntin' with
Get it off the face
Move the load without touchin' shit

Hit the Mexican for tons
(yeah) , presi' on my son
Ran it up off drug money
Then invested in the slums
(Then invested in the slums)
Bosses in the city, we as heavy as they come
(For real)
Got a crib in Arizona, it be ready in a month
(Should be ready in a month)

Got a crib out in Texas
It be ready in a minute (Ready in a minute)
But from now I'm gettin' trailed by
The mob through the trenches (Nigga)
Movin' like the president 'cause rappers
Dyin' in they city (Dyin' in they city)
You might see me by myself
But guarantee I got it with me
(Guarantee I got it with me, nigga)

Got a plug out in Cali
Crib shoppin' in Miami
Bought a presi' off hand-in hands
It felt just like a Grammy (yeah)
Bitches from my past still braggin'
How they had me the shit a nigga talk
Not too many understand me (Nah)

Spent a Nally up in Neimans
(Nally) , Cali in the meeting (yeah)
Crib bigger than the churches and
The pastor that be preachin' (Drank God)
My uncle told me that these niggas rattin'
Play strategic
And never tell nobody outside of
The family what you thinkin'
Got my left wrist freezer
(Freezer) , right wrist G
Plain jane Vacheron Constantin
This shit different (This shit different)
Got it out the mud
Now my jewelry look like Hendrix (What up?)
These pussy niggas envy when you
Gettin' 'cause they finished
('Cause they finished)

Yeah, the back wheels turn
Theyself when I'm passin'
Them backstreets turned me up
When I was trappin' made another M
Ain't get a chance to spend the last one
(Didn't get a chance)
Everybody got them Carti watches
They like assholes (Hah)
Put on brand new shit to take the trash out
Stay an hour and a half out
Started with a half ounce (A half ounce)
Opps came to the hood and got chased out
(Uh, huh) we was chasin' custos before
They chased clout

Runnin' out of stashes
Used to bag work 'til I
Was runnin' out of plastic runnin' off, boy
You just runnin' to a casket
While we in the club poppin'
Bottles by the casket
Passin' 'em out, laughin' (Hah)
Meetin' with plugs, eatin' shrimp
Talkin' expansion greeted with hugs from my
Kids outside the mansion
Sell it to slums from the coasts
I barely taxed 'em (You know)
Idols turn into rivals when you pass 'em
(Fuck 'em)

(You recordin', Smerf?)