Hush Forte feat. Nana Lyrics
"Run The World"

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All my people godly every morning every night,
Every night

When you got money you can do whatever you want
You can buy a mansion,
cars, shoes, like anything

When you're a hustler than that means your mind is on your money

Money and violence runs the world,

I got twenties, fifties, hundreds I've been thumbing,
Tax dollars never paid I'm sitting on,
Keep it coming,
My Uncle Sam got some loop holes for me to run it
Off shore account safe if the stock market plummets,
Cause this country is built on blood
I got so much on my hands and in the bank
That you probably couldn't stomach
Infiltrate the community
On our Christopher Columbus,
alternate the vaccine and I will fund it
Going down hill
Kill em softly but it never haunts me
Money launder for days
They'll never air my dirty laundry
I keep the cash flowing I'm just waiting on the next thing
Bitcoin doing backflips as I'm investing
Tie hands w friends in high places on the west wing
Fly back home in time to log flights w Epstein
My triple P loans and cash locked in the safe
Now what they say,
Can't let a good pandemic go to waste,
Nigga wait,
Gentrify the block while they all sleep
The real thugs on Wallstreet cause

Money and violence runs the world,

Without money, I can't do nothing

Don't wanna feel like we've all been cursed
I even try to go to Sunday service
But long as I been on this earth

Money and violence runs the world


Politics as usual I'm living foul
Above the laws that we created for what's allowed
Was facing 50 years I'm Scott free you thinking how
I got the judge in my back pocket he blew the trial,
The rules for appointed killer cops yeah we wrote it,
The bank economy and population we control it
We got the cure for cancer aids and the cure for covid
Don't care if niggas die send the family my condolence,
The system built on white supremacy they can't decode it till I'm vocal red line em in a box they'll never notice
It's been a dirty game
Ain't no telling where my soul is
In exchange for some power in this world, you bet I sold it
Coined black on black crime though it's an illusion
Orchestrate distractions while they seek a resolution
A blind eye to a televised revolution
Forever playing catch up never give em restitution,
Drop bombs put they lights out
All the real thugs in the White House cause

Money and violence runs the world

Don't wanna feel like we all been cursed
I even try to go to Sunday service
But long as I been on this earth...