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"One Day At A Time"

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Hear people complaining
They say they got dealt the roughest deal
They cry when it's raining
No bread for the latest meal
But if there's no heaven
You can be sure there's no hell
And if there's no devil
There won't be no God to hear you yell

See people get holy
They're turning some plain water to wine
They're living life slowly
They can look up and see the day turn fine
But ask them the question and no answer is there
Whether you're Eastern or Western
There's only one pace that we can share

One day at a time

See people get sickly
The shock passes down from bad to worse
The backs up and prickly
Roll in a ball and pretend they got no purse
But if this continues where does it all end?
I'm in the retinue till I see broken wishes mend

One day at a time

So when you get lonely
Be good to yourself and bless the day
Know you are the only one who can deliver what I say
Try fighting the fever
Try popping a pill
Become a believer
Try separating life from still

One day at a time
This song is from the album "Hi-Fi".