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Haystack Lyrics

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my lyricsbox
what is it exactly that you tryna do baby,
aint no shallow end to dis here,
you either tryna eat somethin or somethin tryna eat you..

(Verse 1)
ima boss player you can see im livin good slab right
aint nothin new bout grippin wood,
born leader what can i say the jus subscribe got leg
breaker dat make tough guys cry,
__bleeder may not wanna get envolved,
weak hearts dont want it at all,
these charts dont reflect yall,
my heart has become a concrete wall,
this money is secondary to respect,
what you claim homie, cant you see da tattoo on my
neck, white boy is dis what i've become some token
caucasion i think not bum
i can be from vietnam, mexico or japan,
show up in your city hop on stage an be da man.
real talk poppin like grease in a pan i did it da old
way autographs and shakin hands.

You done blew up your lil rubber raft thinkin its a
kiddy pool or some kinda bubble bath dropped in da
water and suddenly you done sprung a leak,
lookin for a paddle cuz literally you up a creak x2

verse 2
move way out still come back to touch a few,
great force enough to crush an cripple you,
straight forward no time to bite my tongue we'll through
you over board while you still da only one who wants
to revoke or guess how things are bein done there's
more to bein a boss then jus wantin it done,
you gota compete get love in da street ya second cd
we'll see if he can potentially be a sturdy represenative
get hype off dat addrenaline and if u white get used
to them comparin you to eminem its sink or swim
please believe its goin down your under-boss'll stand
there an watch you drown

you know how mnay times i've been in over my head but
its dat fight inside of em dats why im not dead so
go on an bring dat cap gun in here wit these bannana
clips, go on an row ya row-boat in here wit these battle-ships..

(repeat chorus x2)

verse 3
u poppin on myspace unknown an ___ plenty pay-pal money
unfound in best-buy, if i keep talkin dis will then
become a seminar i cant give my game away what u think they pay me for
half a million moved i can show you every cent i came
a long way from diggin in my pockets gettin lint
now its bank cards to da buisness account if u been
around you remember when it was pounds it went down
who put dat fruity on da town brought in dat boojiey
__ and put out dat bobby brown and now ima rapidly
close an seize da opportunity to snap on my foes
stay on ya toes if u been talkin lyk i heard you was
young in da game and make a grown man murder ya so
come on in dis deep end and see if u float cuz i know
wit these blocks 'round ya feet ya wont

(repeat chorus x2)