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Girls' Generation Lyrics
"One Year Later"

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It feels like I've been dreaming for a long time
I've wandered and wandered around for a while
As if we made a promise
Standing here in front of each other like that day from four seasons ago
Those beautiful stories that we wrote down together
Those eternal promises that we prayed for at that time
They're all coming back to me now and I don't think my heart can take it
I've even restrained myself at the thought of you
How has your one year been

For a long time, I've been living, having forgotten of you
For a while, I thought I was doing fine
However I started to realize it as time passed by
That I am nothing without you
At that time, if only we had been a bit more mature
If only we knew how we would be right now
I have no confidence in overcoming these endless regrets
So I've had to just repress them
One year has passed like that

Could your feelings perhaps be the same as mine?
Will you give me another chance?
I know now that we can never part from each other
The one person I love and love again

I wish we can go back to our first days
To the beautiful, happy and loving days
Those heart-breaking stories and vain arguments
Just bury all of that now
And promise that we won't take them out again
No matter how many seasons pass and how many years go by
I hope that we won't meet like today again
This song is from the album "Genie".