G Herbo Lyrics
"In This Bitch"

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Gang in this bitch
Hold on, I got Lil' Mally in here with me
Hold on, OZ in this bitch
Milticket in here, Sizzle in this bitch
Where we at right now? (Miami)
(Dj Victoriouz, really the best) We got Dade in here
Hold on, 4nem, gang

We got real guns in this bitch
Real thugs in here
We off real drugs in this bitch
My little pocket rocket
It fit like a glove in this bitch
And we real deep in here
It's real snug in this bitch
Bitches huggin' us and shit
'Cause we got love in this bitch
And you better watch your mans
'Cause we'll bug in this bitch
Smokin' bud in this bitch (exotic)
Havin' ones in this bitch (throw 'em)
Real bloods in this bitch
My big cuz in this bitch (go)

Big rocks in this bitch
It's no VS1's in this bitch
I got water everywhere
Nigga, it's a flood in this bitch (ay)
What's good with it bitch? (Huh)
My whole hood in this bitch
4nem drinkin' liquor
Now ain't no more 'Woods in this bitch
Man, we good in this bitch
It's bankrolls in this bitch
I'm too rich to talk to
one of these stank hoes in this bitch
Dress code?
Man, I got on white lows in this bitch (G Fazos)
Nigga disrespect me we gon' light holes in this bitch

Been the man, I been the man (bitch)
Got rich ain't get advanced (bitch)
Bentaygas whippin' Lambs
I'm up top like the ceiling fan (bitch)
I stayed down and made it happen
Now I'm staying rich (rich)
Youngest nigga in my hood
Who you playin' with nigga? (Fuck you playin' with?)

Boss shit (boss shit)
Wrist a hundred bands shit (wrist a hundred bands shit)
If it's me or him
the bitch know who she stayin' with (come on)
Hustler, give her shit, hope she could handle it
Bitch, it's lit
I got one thousand bows in transit (uh)
Bitches quit so much I gotta take advantage (take advantage)
Interstate we had a thousand hoes in Kansas (thousand hoes in Kansas)
So much money your own family
can't stand it (your own family can't stand it)
And my son gon' be a king
Can't help it he was born in this shit (born in this shit)
He got VVS's, baby foreigns in his shit (foreigns in his shit)
Gucci, Fendi shoes
he ain't worn in his shit
Yeah, his daddy rich (daddy rich)
Big ol' yellow diamonds look like corn in my shit

Bank accounts rich
Need more M's in this bitch (more M's)
Ballin' need a mansion with a rim in that bitch (with a rim)
Fuck some Louboutins, my bro wore Timbs in this bitch (got on Timbs)
Makin' movies, we'll shoot a film in this bitch (huh)
Hoes choosin', man, they pullin' limbs in this bitch (damn)
Dickie fit kit, Soulja Slim in this bitch (brrt)
My broski with what I'm with, like my twin in this bitch (like my twin)
Got some niggas who fresh out the pen in this bitch (out the pen)
I got some niggas throwin' up the fin in this bitch (up the fin)
I know some niggas reppin' BDN in this bitch (BDN)
I hear some niggas yellin' GDN in this bitch (GDN)
I'm with some niggas that ain't 'posed to be up in this bitch ('posed to be here)
Fine bitches gettin' in for free up in this bitch (damn)
Got broke niggas fuckin' up they re-up in this bitch (haha)
Niggas see the opps, they playin' D up in this bitch (playin' D up in this bitch)
But ain't nobody got no smoke with me up in this bitch
(G Herbo, ay)

(Dj Victoriouz, really the best)