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Five Way Friday Lyrics
"Back To Her"

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I'm knockin' down buildings
Searchin' high and low
Lookin' for feelings
Just one more time before I go

And buy some roses
With her heart on my mind
Not gonna walk away no more
Livin' on borrowed time

When you find a way
Are ya gonna fill me in
Please don't say anything
'Cause your thoughts and your mind
Will come back and see me again

And I don't think that
My heart can take what I just heard
Not for a little while
Cause your soul's not mine
And I like to get back to her

Everybody's talkin' about
Just how far she'll go
Am I blind to see
What my ears'll will
I should already know
No more talkin'
I'll pretend you're gonna say those words
'Cause I'm not listening
Unless you show me the way to get back to her


Are you going my way
Did you change your mind
From just the other day
Don't look behind
With so many dreams in my head
Are you sure they're real
Please don't play these games
'Cause I know how ya feel

When I wake up tomorrow
I'm seein' things as I turn
And like a long lost friend
And I know (and I know)
That I finally made it back to her


Finally made it back to her
Finally made it back to her
Oh oh oh oh
This song is from the album "Moon Driven World".