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Far From Westfall Lyrics
"Wanting & Rage"

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This life I've found,
Comes and goes without a sound.

We take our place,
An abusive parasite race.

We yearn for more,
We neglect the weak and poor,

You know it's true,
It lives in me it dies in you.


And oh,
Tell me to step on down,

And oh,
I'll hold my ground.

I am the son,
Of those who came before me,
And the wars they won.

Call me a page,
In this endless book,
Entitled products of your wanting and rage.

Now take my side,
We've got nothing left to hide,

We're way too far gone,
What's gone is past and what's done is done.

I'll hold your hand,
As we sink into the sand,

Cuz afterall,
We're sinking faster than this Earth can fall.

I am the noose,
In what our father's choose,

One life to give,
We'll give it all because we just can't live.

The end is near,
I can see it clear from here,

So take the fall,
We're just a flyer,falling off the wall.


Your War, (X6)

I am the son, (4)

Your War (X4)