Failure Lyrics
"Lucky Shoreline"

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Crawled out of the silk sheets
Watched the day seep in through slow panes
I feel strangely weakened
Long to be the song to help
Fixed on a different person
Staring blankly through the stain there
Shave off the hair she loved so
Need to breathe the rules that share

So I'm just too late
She fell
From a lucky shoreline
Something in the way
She yelled
But I couldnt hear it

Leave on what I am wearing
Watch her cringe in open hatred

I leave my place of haven
Must escape the hell we made
The road breaks clean and careful
Tracking dunes across the highway
I laugh as I am careful
Spinning down a canyon road

Trembles every way
Cruel day, but I couldnt save her
Brought her back okay
She's dead
But nothing's missing

See me on the cliff I stand on
Urgent sounds that break the silence
Her laugh was nothing special
I take her with me now