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Elisha St. James Lyrics
"Its Not Over"

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Its not over till God says so
Its not over I'm not letting go
Its not over I'm not forsaken
I'm never giving up
Cause I'm gonna make it through

When you have more bills than money and you just lost your job
Doors are closed in your face before you reach the knob
The doctors notice said you have a time limit
You're stressed out to the point your barely freaking livin
Panic and anxiety is forever present
You need to pop a pill to sleep while life is so depressed so
For everyone who is going through some kind of way
Let me see you stand in faith and let me hear you say


Your taking drugs and alcohol just to ease the pain
Suicide is on your mind each and everyday
All the while 3 kids at home that you barely see
Because your out at night just trying to make ends meat
To the one standing in the street holding up a hungry sign
Somebody help me please or just blow me out my mind
For those of you who are going through some kind of way
Stand up on your faith and let me hear you say


No matter what your going through, you need to know the truth
Somebody loves you, Somebody cares,
its Abba Father and he says he's right there.
So be of good courage and be of good cheer for your
breakthrough is drawing near


Its Not OVER