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"Old Friends"

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not for the first time I looked back on all those years
not for the last time names will ring in my ears
When there was just a gang of us storming the town by train and bus
a moment of thought this heart sends to old friends
not for the first time i look back on my first love
unable to speak or think or move, hand in glove
But what of it now and where is he ...he who once meant so much to me
because we are not I cant pretend now old friends
I was told love should hold old friends
I was told love should hold old friends
but when you leave you will close the door behind you
don't we always...time won't make amends to old friends

standing here with my arm around you, life's moved on
and all its borderlines are being redrawn
the winter has come the roads are white
everyone's home late tonight
may we stay or will it depend
as old friends
in the end , still old friends
o old friend...old...friends...o...yeah mmm... o year...o old friends
----> Amy