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E.S.G. Lyrics
"Getting Money"

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Yes we are, yes we are
Ooh, we getting money - 3x
Man, I done came a long way
Now all my people getting money, like the song say

Now what you know bout sleeping on old sheets, and wasn't no silk
I was coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, but wasn't no milk
And when the heat was turned off, I grabbed my grandma quilt
Man I swear times was hard, mama look what you built
The other kids use to laugh, and say our clothes was stole
You almost got caught, stealing games from my Nintendo
My little brother didn't know, and I ain't say nothing
I use to love when you bring the Jabos, and Polos with the buttons
I gotta tell you mama dearest, I love you to death
Made a kid from the projects, win best dressed
I'm one of the best up out the Southwest, ES the name
We having a ball, like a income tax check done came
No more sitting at home, and rolling blunts all day
Doing a in-store, I'm on to all work and no play
Even if it's mimimum wage, at least you getting paid
Put your drinks in the air, if you getting money (hey)

Yes we are, getting it
Yes we are, getting it
(broke days, was the worst days
Now we sip champagne, when we thirst-ay)
Yes we are, getting it
Yes we are, getting it
Yes we are getting it, M-O-N-E-why fa sho

This for my Master P's, P. Diddy's and Russell Simmon's
All my Snoop's and Ice Cube's, that's Hollywood pimping
All my independent bouncers, that ain't thinking bout stopping
Look at old J from Rap-A-Lot, he making millions from boxing
Ain't no job oppritunities, in my community
You don't believe me Mr. President, well come and see
Old lady up the street, bless her heart she mad
Cause the city built a street, cut her garden in half
And the mayor won't answer back, heard she got cancer black
Some can't afford treatment, how he gon explain to that
Couldn't hold her pain back, couldn't bring her brain back
But it still remain the facts, money could of changed that g'yeah



Now get your money peeps, if you in the streets or a athlete
If you jump out the gym, get insurance on your feet
Know that pro money sweet, million dollar occupation
In case you don't make it, homie grab your education
Don't want to wind up, been a should'a-would'a-could'a
Remember no cool-Aid, mixing water with the sugar
People forgetting who helped em out, I ain't quitting or selling out
Get your money coast to coast, cause we getting it down South


Now ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to propose a toast, that's right
Everyone 21 and over, grab your drinks
Ya underage grab your cool-Aid, cause it's still playa
But check it out, this one here is dedicated
To everybody who had it hard in they life
Cause homie I know I struggled, but you know what mayn
(Man, I done came a long way
Now all my people getting money, like the song say)
Man, give me my change homie
This song is from the album "All American Gangsta".