Dua Saleh Lyrics
"I Belong to You"

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All you ever say is word is law
There ain't nothing that could break your bond
But I know this ain't the last hurrah
And I know that I got time to fall
Even though I'm coming home lately
I'm still feigning for your body
And when I settle in, it's time

Even if you don't believe no one
I must be the one to hear your song
No, I know I might not play along
But I, I know

I belong to you
I belong to you
And ooh
Feeling ever new

Tossing through the night
Beg on me to stay
It'll be alright
My bed's where we can lay
Skip the fuss and fight
Pull me back your way
Ain't this sort of night
The type to make you say, "I love you"?
Serve your heart up on a tray, I love you
Even made me lick the plate, I love you
That's just how the world's display, I love you
Even make me wanna say

And ooh
I belong to you
I belong to you (I belong to you)
And ooh
Feeling ever new
I belong to you, I belong