Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Lyrics
"The Dreams Song"

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How can you be sleepy, if you don't know how to have dreams?

No, I don't want to know!
I don't want to know how to have dreams!

Dreams are movies that live in your head (Stop!)
Every night when you sleep in your bed
You can have a dream about riding a horse (No!)
Or you can have a dream about drowning in oil!

No, no, no!
No more songs!

Oh! Looks like somebody's having a bad dream!

Can you file these files please?
Uh, yeah, sure
Wouldn't it be funny if, um
One of these files came alive?
"I am a file, and you put documents in me"
And uh, a-doo doo doo
"I'm a file"
Funny, silly file
A-doo doo doo
You know, it did it like a song

That sounds really boring

But I was like yeah
That's not even the same bucket
I am the cool guy I guess
Laid-back and sad

I hurt my leg today

That's rude!
No clothes

What's your favorite idea?
Mine is being creative
How do you get the idea?
I just try to think creatively

When you look at this orange
Tell me please, what do you see?
It's just a boring old orange
Maybe to you, but not to me

I see a silly face (Boo!)
Walking along and smiling at me (Boo!)
I don't see what you mean
'Cause you're not thinking creatively! (I don't like it!)
So take a look at my hair (Really not good!)
I use my hair to express myself (Boo!)
(It's not very good at all!)
I use my hair to express myself
(Go away!)

Don't stop now, friend!
Your voice is music to my face!

You could have a dream about eating a treat
You could have a dream about buying a hat
You could have a dream about losing your friends
You could have a dream about burning your bread

Time is a tool you can put on the wall
Or wear it on your wrist
The past is far behind us
The future doesn't exist

Time went new and got old like history
Stuff from the past went into a mystery
You made me die!
But, look, a

I'm a computery guy
Everything made out of buttons and wires
I'd like to show you

Why we're here
What's it all about, you have no idea
But everywhere you look
All you see is hatred
And darkness, death, and

Ice cream beef?
Ice cream beef makes your teeth go grey!
Doesn't matter, just throw it away!
Why not try some

Fish on my tray
What? Where am I?

We are in the universe!
Planets live inside the moon!
A rocket ship can go to space!
A rocket ship can go to the moon!

Sports ball, let's play sports!
Cricket ball!
Red card

I'm a magnet
And I'm friends with metal, I attract it
And it's my best friend

Let's dig a hole
At the bottom of the
Make it stop!

I'll teach you how to buy a canoe!

I am a file and you put documents in me

But red is for not go
You can be crushed by a bus

Let's learn about gel!
I know about gel!

Stinky mouth!
Music is your favorite thing!

Ah! No!
I don't like it!


I wonder what will happen