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Deestylistic Lyrics
"Our Story"

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"Yeah..yep..I miss you..me too"
"come on"

[Verse One]
Tears coming down my eyes
So hoping that you'll never lie
Say you'll be there to be by my side
But now you're gone, you left me all on my own
I miss the late night talks and
Your voice on the phone
And the moments we shared can never be replaced
[something] can never be erased cuz
Baby i'm willing to give you all my love
I'm missing you so come back to me and give me a hug

Tell me girl
If you still feel the same
that when youre dreaming at night
You still seeing my face
that you're missing all those late night talks on the phone
That without me in ur lyf, you feel so alone
Cuz if you don't, and you say you were done
Then all the feelings I thought were feeling so wrong
And it might be true, that cupid doesnt lie
But it doesn't matter now cuz
You're not in my life


So many tears and lonely nights
Now that you're gone and
I still can't believe I had to turn to this song
Missing you with every heartbeat, every second in my life
Wishing I could go back and make everything right
But youre gone from my heart
You left me lonely in the rain
Now there's nothing in my life
And I'm going insane
Now all my days is lonely, and
Nothing seems right
Everyday im sitting, wishing you would come back in my life

I wanna tell you I love you in a special way
Hold your hand and tell you that Ima love you everyday
Thinking bout that night we were holding hands
I was looking to your eyes with so much romance
So u tell me girl, what you wanna do
I'll do wateva u want me to coz im so into u
Just give me one more chance
To prove myself
Cuz without you in my life, theres nobody else