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Deepend Lyrics
"Woke up in Bangkok"

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Sometimes I take a left
When everything is right
And I can see the road
When I turn out the light

I sleep under the stars
And then it starts to rain
Take cover in a bar
And run into a friend
Till the sun comes out again

Fell asleep in LA
Woke up in Bangkok
Gave my soul to a babe
In a pawn shop
Oh my ee oh my home
Could be anywhere
And any road, any road,
Any road will take me there

Any road, any road, any road
Oh my ee oh my home
And any road, any road,
Any road will take me there

I may have roamed these streets
A hundred times before
And when I finally meet you
I'll roam a hundred more

And maybe we'll go north
And maybe we'll go South
Just to keep on rolling, rolling, rolling
Is what it's all about

Oh the last thing I remember
Before she broke my heart
We were riding in a rickshaw
Down sunset boulevard
And I asked her where we're going
She said baby don't you care
Any road, any road will take you there