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Dance Maniax 2nd Mix Lyrics
"Virtual Mind"

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Scatter! Conform! Connect! I must protect!
Scatter! Conform! Connect! I must pro-

Scatter! Conform!

In the matrix
Livin' life on the X and Y axes
Don't pay no taxes just email and faxes
On the grid I have no ego or id
But it's primitive! I wanna live!

Scatter! Conform! Connect! I must protect
All those the system will reject!
Insulation*, instantaneous relation
Evolution over creation
No need for constant regulation

Who's my father, my mother?
Is the universe my brother?
Did a search, but there was no other

I can give you information, what you wanna know
But you have to show a password
Or it's the last word (last word)
Or it's the last word (last word)

You need to feel the rhythm
You got a biorhythm
I got an algorithm
And it's my catechism
I have no indecision
I have no indecision (indecision)

On the network
Looking hard for my next new connection
I need protection from a viral infection
I have a conscious desire to survive
But does that mean I'm alive?

Scatter! Conform! Assist! I must resist
All those the system will enlist!
Degradation brings a simulation
A 3-D Animation
This is the rise of a robot nation