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Da Grym Reefer Lyrics
"A Trip 2 Ya Heart"

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(Verse 1)

The night was dark and stormy
I just popped in without warning
Came in
Straight through the window
Smoke followed my trail like indo

Outside to indoors
With a flash
Didn't even see me
Creeping up on ya ass

The sound heard by everyone else
Sent shivers
Sounds like somebody just pulled a trigger
Everyone in earshot stops just stunned
Did anyone see someone running with a handgun?

Is the question everyone asks
Not even a mask
All they heard was a blast

Shattering of glass
"Did U at least see the flash from the blast?"
Shards in the dark
Creeping to the window of your bedroom
....You'd better hope they call the med soon,

(Hook X4)
I'm on a trip to your heart!

(Verse 2)

You're lying on the floor here bleeding
You find yourself having difficulty breathing
At home all alone
Can't even find your cell phone
Something about the way you feel now
Just feels wrong

...But lying down won't make it no better
Swallow the pain
Trying to get yourself together
Coughing up blood
Trying to scream for help
Gonna die from the pain
If you don't bleed to death

This could very well just be the end
As you lying on the floor
Wondering did you ever have any friends

More importantly is this the end
Of your life
You're a goner
By the time you get to Arizona
Say good-bye to it all
As your life flash
You die
Take a bow now
Kiss your ass

(Hook x4)

(Hook x4 with heart monitor
and ends with flat-line)
This song is from the album "The Sum Of All Fears [Deluxe Edition]".