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Yeah-yeah, uh-huh
It's recording? Aight, bet
Yeah, what's your addiction?
Let's pay attention
Uh-huh, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah
Let's get it
What's your addiction?
Look, yo, huh

Ditchin' my addictions is like switchin' my pigment
Shit, if you got any advice, I'm here to listen
We all got plenty of vices, and mine no different
Unless we talkin' 'but women who
Grew up without they fathers, so they addiction's attention
You know them girls with they OnlyFans in they description
Few dollars for naked pictures, no judgin'
'Cause I'm addicted to watchin' y'all twerk on Insta'
So fuck it, as long as y'all ain't lyin' to kick it, I'm with it, uh
Liquor like the police, it tells me to "stop resistin'", uh
I don't even know me, don't tell me how I should live it up
That's the shit I tell myself, knowin' that I should give it up
Still hit my no-good ex whenever she tryna give it up
'Cause when I'm drunk and need some sex who else gon' give it to me?
New pussy, might carry that death and try and give it to me
Still use no condom even if she tryna give it to me
Ah, forgot to mention, addicted to that raw feelin'
Can't shake my vices, even if they all kill 'em
Guess I'm one-track minded, I might have autism
Dawg, listen, I been trapped behind a dark prison
My mind keep tellin' me "stay", but my fuckin' heart isn't
I'm twisted, I'm just another con that's conflicted
Another pawn in God's palm itchin' to define God's image
Been doin' wrong so long, right seem so long distance
Long story short, I been addicted

Yeah, man
We all got addictions, man, we're all addicted to somethin'
Fuckin' phone, that toxic s-situation
That-that relationship you-you hate but love at the same time
Fuckin', fuckin' alcohol, TV, all that shit