Carwash Lyrics

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And you say
That youu0027re scared
That youu0027d scare me away
If I knew everything
That made you today
Well good luck
'cause Iu0027m super tough
Oh I need you to know that
Iu0027m not afraid

Iu0027m not somebody whou0027s gonna go chase your love
Youu0027re not somebody who normally trusts someone
Iu0027m not somebody who normally cares a lot
Youu0027re not somebody who normally opens up

Losing all our rules
Thereu0027s something different about you
You really get me, youu0027re really weird
But I really like that, oh I really like you

I collapsed in your arms
At your apartment
Westlawn, in the dark
Head throbbing again
Said all my problems
Are valid and that
You care for me
Are there for me
And I knew you meant it