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CallMeKarizma Lyrics
"F U till I F U"

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[Verse 1: CallMeKarizma]

I felt you leave me
I'm the bottle, you're the genie
And I don't think I give a damn
I felt the beating
Thank God I ate my Wheaties
Or I don't know if I could stand
We hate to give in
But we're hardly living comfortably
I hate you because you think that you are still in love with me
It's time we drift apart
We're blind and in the dark
I kinda what to care. But it's kinda to late to start
Hold up. Why'd you hit my line like 50 times?
I was sitting fine till you hit rewind on the past
Maybe just a night isn't bad?
What do you think?
Want to lay down under the sheet?
Up in the clouds, down on my knees
Praying to God you just want to sleep

[Chorus: CallMeKarizma]

I just want to say "fuck you till I fuck you again x3
I think I had enough of you
But I don't want to lose a friend

[Verse 2: CallMeKarizma]

It's the morning
You're even pretty when you're snoring
Like why the fuck are you perfect
You're way to gorgeous
I quit. You win. I forfeit
I'm sick of having make-up sex
We fight hard. We play rough
We break hearts and say stuff we actually mean
As you cry off your makeup
"We're terrible for each other" I say without a stutter
My head is over heals but only when we're under covers
I'm sick
Like why the hell are you trying to yell?
You're the kind of one I would try to sell
For "free 99" when you're not on sale
You're the drug I'm fiending for
You're the cut I'm bleeding for
I'm saying "fuck you"
But I want to fuck you even more


[Outro: CallMeKarizma]

I'm going to love you forever
That's just my curse. It's whatever
I'll be here for you whenever and
Don't blame the rain on the weatherman

"How could there be another one?
Why should there be another one?"