Cadence Weapon feat. Manga Saint Hilare and Strict Face Lyrics
"On Me"

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On me, on me
You gotta watch out for the lurkers out there, you know

Got cash on me, credit card, got scans on me
Got bands on me, tax man got plans on me, started tracking me
Face ID on me, white programmers so they don't see it's me
Got fans on me, IG story, you know where I be
All geotagged, got brands on me, got ads on me
Not asking me but they're still on me, got scams on me
Look at me, I never get lonely
Know where I'm at, don't even phone me
When I'm home, I know they see
Do it all voluntarily

On me, on me
Everything on me, on me

A lot of these things are off key
Chillin' in my yard and you wanna watch me
I step out, the CCTV clocks me
Under obbo like man shots keys
Officer, no, I ain't got weed
So move up and you get your hands off me
I know it looks like I got bags on me
But I'm VPN, I'll be anywhere I wanna be (deh bout)
Yo, I dun know they're watching through phones (yup)
And the fans they watch me on phones (hello)
So everybody's preein', that's how the ting goes (okay)
So, ayy yo, me no watch nothing apart from my Ps
Check out the Ts and Cs, I'm involved
And when I do my chattings, I'm doing them in code

CCTV got eyes on me, they're finding me
Bright lights look right on me, no privacy
Fine print but they're lying to me
Drones in the sky but it's fine to me, it's fine to me
Got cops on me, think they might get the drop on me
Got dope, got guns, got crops on me, that's not on me
Got my name in registry so they stay on me, won't let me free
Might call up my MPP
Never mind, they won't listen to me, don't listen to me
Got phones on me, everyone I know on me
Got mic on me, recording me
No red light on, no session fee
Got apps on me, Google car got maps on me
Think they got some facts on me
But they lost track when I cracked my screen
Huh, actually, hidden cameras got a lock on me, they stalk on me
On the block, AdBlock on me
Out the picture, got crop on me
Check my browser history, they can't get to me
Offline when I hit the street
That's history, I'm a mystery

On me, on me
Everything on me, on me
On me, on me
Everyone on me, on me
On me, on me
Everything on me, on me
On me, on me
Everyone on me, on me

Leave you on seen
You know what I mean
On me, on me
They're on me on me
Extra extra, read all about it
Leave you on read, leave you on seen
Outie outie

Perhaps you've used facial recognition when checking in for a flight
Or when you need to unlock your iPhone
But this technology is also used by the police
And that's when things can get complicated
The software is used to scan faces
Measuring facial features and recording the data
But the initial data it uses mostly comes from white faces
Meaning people of color can be misidentified