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Bound For Glory Lyrics
"The End"

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There is so much venom in your eyes
So many stories that turned to lies
What makes you so superior when you can't even stand on your own two feet
You condemn my world without seeing
Is everything you hear worth believing?
Your heart is as plastic as your appearance
You'll melt as soon as you face the heat
I'll tell you a little about what makes me go
No tricks, no gimmicks, just heart and soul
If you don't stand by honor and truth
There is no way you are ever gonna win
You paint this picture that you're strong and true
You think the whole world evolves around you
Yet your actions shatter your world because you have no discipline

Tolerance over, end of game,you change your face but you remain the same
Haunted by the past again
Trust is lost, never to return,
you picked the wrong door and now you're burned
This, this is the end

I've seen your types come and go
You float from town to town trying to run the show
You call yourself a leader, I call you a hypocrite
When I turn my back, in goes the knife
Because my ideals are my way of life
Your fashion and games are nothing to me, for I don't give a shit
I've heard the critics both far and near
All that matters is who's standing here
I'll continue going against the grain, for I make my own rules
Being true to my heart is all I've known
Even if I'm the last man standing alone
Then such it is and so it will be, because I will never follow fools

(Repeat Chorus) x2

This, this is the end