Born Ruffians Lyrics

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Somewhere in those wicked woods
You build your fire
And somehow in those foolish floods
You keep it dry
Idiots blow their wasted wind
But it burns so bright
Some time in that lonely life
You've become the night

Now somewhere there's a little star
In the big black sky
And somehow in that endless void
You see its light
And spinning around its burning core
There could be life
Looking up at you
For answers in the night

Hot potato Armageddon
Patriarchy paper shredding
What a stinkin' time
Just to be alive
All the people keep forgetting

A piece of bread, tuck it in your cheek
For a rainy day
Yeah, but you get rainy weeks
You're a busted wheel, babe
But you never squeak
So they pass you over every time they sweep
But your signal fire is buried deep
In the wicked woods that you like to keep
So you throw your body upon the heap
And the flames surround you from head to feet
And it's boiling over as the fire leaps
You embrace a grove of surrounding trees
And you feel it spreading like warm disease
And we all turn toward you to face the heat

Become the fire
Become the fire
Become the fire
Become the fire