Born Ruffians Lyrics
"So Slow"

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I won't bleed
If I don't recognize the disease
I don't see
What is right out in front of me
The change can be
So slight you hardly see
I believe
I am healthy where I be

Thoughts can breed
But in light they remain a seed
Stuck with me
In a stupid tragedy
Slow, slow speed
And want for sympathy
Slow is me
In the throes of some disease

Awfully slow

Eyes evacuating me
As everything around me is covered in disease
I am protected by a tree
Words flood around my head now with the fleas

Then realize just what it takes
Walking with my feet looking back at my face
All my stupid words trying to erase me
I am not scared to die, I'm scared to be replaced
Oh, so slow
Slow like a thunder roll
My pollution rolls of the earth into the hole
Black and white slow mo
Treat it with the chemo
But it breads and grows and it comes so
Awfully slow
This song is from the album "Birthmarks".