Blood Axis Lyrics
"Herr, Nun Laß In Frieden"

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And he lost his brotherhood. That's the reason that thing fell off the
bottom of that gun. He lost his swastika and he lost his brotherhood
from lying. Cos he thought it was a big joke to stab somebody in the
back that just took a life for him. If somebody's giving their life for
you and they're going into the battlefield for you, you can't very well
laugh at them when they come back. If a man's over in Vietnam and
he's over there in the mud and the blood and he's fightin' and dyin' for
you and then you come over and you spit in his face, what kinda fuckin'
country could that be? You see what I'm sayin'? Does that make sense?'

- Yeah, yeah

You know, so it's the same thing all the way down the line. All the
way down the line that, uh, uh, people think it's slick to get over on
somebody else because they're in a down position, and they find their
strength by, by sacrificing their own lands. But they're not sacrificing
the lands of their enemies. They're only sacrificing their own children.
They're sacrificing their children for somebody else's children. My
grandfather told me this. He didn't tell me exactly, but he told my
grandmother and I know she'd never lied. She told me, he told my
grandmother that he was standing on a, in World War I, he was
standin' on a dead body. And he, and, and he seen the Bible in this
guy's pocket and he reached down and he got the Bible out of this
guy's pocket. And he opened up the Bible and there was the man's
picture with his wife and his two, three children, ya dig? And he had
a chain with a cross on it, and he looked at the Bible and he looked at
the man's children and he looked at the cross and he looked down
and he seen himself. He said, Wow man, what am I doing fighting my
brother? I'm over here fighting my brother and I don't even know
why I'm fighting this guy, ya dig? Why have we been fighting each

Why are we divided? Why is our house all split up in little pieces?
Why are we divided within ourself? We worship the same God, we
have the same book with the same words. Different translations, but
the same principles, same codes of honor. Why in the Hell are we
fightin' each other? Why did my grandfather kill himself? He comes
back and tells my grandmother, you know, I was fighting my brothers
and I don't even know why. And they didn't know why. And you want
me to tell you why?

They riot on you. They riot on you 'til there's nothing left of you. And
sold your blood on the way.
This song is from the album "The Gospel of Inhumanity".