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"Free Bia (1st Day Out)"

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First day, first day, first day
Now that they fucked up
I got my keys, took my cuffs off
Skin like my leather, it's tough, uh
Wish your bitch would call my bluff
I got some bread but it's never enough
All of these demons and no one to trust
Die for my freedom, they takin' from us
All of my issues, I never discuss
All of my niggas like Snow On Tha Bluff
I got some time that I'll never get back
I give no fuck like I'm showing my track
I turn it off when they playing your track
You just as bitch if you fuck with a rat
I got some mouths that depending on me
Rappers ain't who they pretending to be
Somebody's tryna get rid of me
They trading follows for dignity
Don't want me rich then don't call me your homie
I don't like my money coming in slowly
Tryna buy mama a house
But these fucking crackers still owe me
I'm not no slave, I'm not no dog in no cage
I give my masters to Sony
Bitch it ain't sweet and if you thinking you know me
I'm giving God all your glory
Do me a favor, don't say you did me no favors
Don't be my friend and a hater
If it's from the heart
You was just doing your part
Don't bring it up again later
Fuck all your points
Fuck all your people you ever employed
Fuck all your beats
Fuck all your ears to the street
Fuck all you fake G's
Fuck the whole industry, bitch

Oh no, oh no (oh no, oh no)
Oh no, oh no (oh no, oh no)