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"Chain Swang"

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[Intro: BIA]
Uh...ya know...usually
Normally I wouldn't be this arrogant or cocky but you know I'm feeling like new money lately cause this is a lot of new things goin' on, takin a new turn in my life

[Verse 1: BIA]
Uh, yo
New money, callin' me new money
On my way, BoA, I'm laughing like who funny
Pre-Madonna, this beauty a form of honor
I could keep it wet for you baby I'm like a sauna
Oh, you nasty? Oochie wally wally
Oh, she trashy? Oh, she prolly prolly
I do this effortless, knocking goals off the check-it list
Movin' on up in this bitch I feel like The Jeffersons, huh
Let's get deeper, don't let the devil defeat ya
Lost my laptop last month whoever found it can keep it
That just motivated me to sit and write a little deeper
Come and penetrate ya speakers and I never used a penis
I be hearin' other rappers like "I never wanna be this
" Lawd this shit too hard" (Oh yeah)
This that type of shit that had Augustus fighting Caesar
In a more simplistic meaning
I would lyrically defeat ya

[Hook: BIA]
I got my money up baby I chain swang [x3]
I chain swang, ch-ch-chang swang
I got my money up baby I chain swang [x3]
I chain swang, ch-ch-chang swang

[Verse 2: Pharrell Williams]
Ay cuz I hang out with guns
Sometimes I wear Uggs, Kanye shrugs
I wear jackets the same color as bugs (Woo!)
My niggas puff buds, a hundreds dollars a puff (Woo!)
Sometimes I fly the same planes as Puff
Sometimes them planes ain't enough
I rock Céline like I'm a queen
But I'm not a drag, Hermès rag, Hermès rag
I had the biggest fuckin' size that...uh Hermès had
They be like
Is he that or is he this
Is he really riding in Rolls Royce like Richie Rich, click it bitch
It's on the internet
I got a 'Rari souped and that bitch fresh to death
I would keep talkin' about it except
I only drove it once that's the last time I left

[Hook: BIA]

[Verse 3: Fam-Lay]
Look, there's a lot of motherfuckers I don't speak to
Cause there's a lot of motherfuckers gettin' seen through
Actin' different when they get 'round certain people
So I act like I don't see 'em when I breeze through
Look, look, look
Fam-Lay was never 'bout that phony shit
Speak one week, next you don't know me shit
Don't get me wrong don't erry nigga owe me shit
If it's a problem I'd respect it if you'd told me shit
Man, these bustas tryna find nice things to say over your body
I'm in the back seat sippin' Bacardi
Demon spits sparks from the shotty
I guarantee if you wake up it won't be a Bugatti
Vroom, ___?
You say my name, lights flick, I'm in the mirror
Pair of angel wings, dressed in all white
I hang ya angel wings for this long flight

[Hook: BIA]

[Outro: Pharrell Williams]
Pack up, nigga
That's right
And I ain't takin' none of my ad-libs out, neither!