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Ben J Lyrics
"I'm Still Here"

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Ha, wake up and brush my teeth,
Looking in the mirror ,f*cking me,
God tricks of my short let me .. off the ..,
Sorry silly bastards kicks off the keys
They make me break the ,but hard and blow
Got this money on my mind, got this ,I can know
Did the niggers what I know
So they can do the same, I'm willing you to lose you ,
What the f*ck ,you know I ain't playin
I just see my ,the niggers ain't playin,
So I ..blue, but I don't give a f*ck ..
Yeah, niggers like to hate, these niggers like to rap
But if I ain't do the , you know I'm snitchin
You ,early and she was with the ..,
,you was kind of sexy, my man is not doin' it so come next to me,
She said I turn it on like ,
We're about to get it on, you get the best of me,
I did it like that, I hate it from the back,
That's my baby, if you're runnin' baby come right back,
Niggers sounds ..up, now wanna talk, well I don't give a buck,
Niggers like to walk, and I'm so out there,
But notice ,when we do a little show,
Better , b*tches hate me,
Yeah I won't play fast like ,, I hope you like me
'cause I am do it big, man I do it ,
You wanna have a , like ..,
You don't get the fun ,I'ma hit the ..
Now I'm ,nigger like me
You are my smoker, yeah I like to talk ..,
Get the focus ..I'm to roll .., I'm ,
Boy I'm a soldier, I should ,simple shit
When ,boy like ..shit
Nigger honey, what the f*ck I've told ya,
Hit the beat, yeah.
Let's get it here my f*cker,
I'm f*cking around.

Thanks to greta