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"Oxygen And Me"

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Wake up,
We're leaving,
The sparks have hit the ceiling,
Our world has fallen to the ground.
I'll help you,
You need me,
Do my best to keep you breathing,
I can not make this on my own.

It's funny how you see it clearly,
As the light begins to, fade away.

We, we've been lost for so damn long,
Don't know how to sing along,
With society,
It was killing me,
Suffocating dreams.
Now you,
You need oxygen and me,
It's only now I see,
How lovely life has been,
How lucky we have been.

Hold on, don't leave me,
I'm so scared, you're bleeding,
The walls are falling round us now.
You're shaking, not making,
Sense of all this complication,
I will not leave you on your own.

Please don't leave me on my own,
Your heart is my only home.