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"Return to Sender"

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What choice do we have? Did we ask to be alive, to endure all these sorrows?
These lies are burst at once, gashing at everyone.
a route that cannot be retaken
a soul will always be forsaken
Choosing existence in denials!

Attempt to serve two's greed, The feral idea of perfecting the breed, The miscreants

"Return to sender!"
"No Surrender!"
"Scars vendor!"
"Return to sender!"

Dissolved into the realm of luxury with no clear realization
Staring death with ruby eyes out of rage and disappointment

"Return to sender!"
"No Surrender!"
"Scars vendor!"

put on the creaking beat to match our resignation
Ending the flames of cremation

And when the curtains come down
They hinder me from seeing the light
And I will close my eyes and see through the recollections (of you)

Curse His violent
will to smother
while He spurns my
my existence?
over the fear of
my resemblance
my existence, my existence,