Ari Lennox feat. Lucky Daye Lyrics
"Boy Bye"

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It's sweet like mangoes
Sweet like mango, huh?
You so fuckin' fake
(I'ma come and get that, I'll bet you all you're like one)
Say it with your chest (what?)
Say what you mean and stop playin' wit me
I'm not playin', see that's the problem, like
I ain't playin' either
That's, that's the problem, like
But I'm not hearin' the fucked up shit you sayin', but

Talkin' all that shit, where your girl at?
You are way too fine, to be alone (why thank you, thank you, I appreciate that)
Girl, with all that ass and no one behind it, oh
I'm just wondering if I can walk you home, oh (home)

Boy, bye
Thinking you gon' come inside
Boy, bye
Not tonight
Won't lie
Can't say it ain't worth a try
It feels right
I'll try to make you mine, oh oh oh

Shit, well if you ain't gon' gimme your number
Let me follow you on something (yeah)
I actually got a man (ah, yeah)
Really? You playin'
Yeah, I'm good
That's cap
Oop, my phone just died (c'mon man)
Okay, okay, I get it

Talkin' all that shit, where your ride at?
'Cause I got someone waitin' upstairs
Girl, you fuckin' lyin', I ain't talkin' Cujo, ayy ayy
Why won't you let me inside so I can take you there? Ooh
Those lines belong in 1995 (oh-ooh)
Just like them funky Nikes (ooh)
Ooh girl, why you got me workin' from 9 to 5 (yeah)
With the wrong size them toes is bustin' out them slides
But I like (yo)
You ain't think I saw that? (Shut up)
I forgot my Dr. Scholl's (Dr. No)
Fuck you (haha)
Nah, it's cool, I'm joshin', I'm joshin'
I fuck with you like, what's up?

Ooh, I don't know you
True, I like you (I do)
Ooh, I don't know you (I don't know)
True, I like you (like you baby, baby)

I know you playing with me (I know)
I know you been hangin' with (no no) Casey, Georgette and Judy
I don't know who you think you are foolin'
Ooh, not me (stop playin' with my top, mm)

I know you think that I'm shady
I want you to be my baby (you just met me)
Sunsets, big day dreaming lately
Girl, I think of you on the daily
She said that I look better with her eyes closed
I said, "Be careful where you walk, baby, there's potholes"
Touching softly, shea butter, cocoa melanin color (ooh)
Go crazy when we cut up, only thing that I know (uh, uh-uh)

Uh uh, you a secret rapper? (Huh)
I don't date those (oh no)
(A secret rapper? I mean I'm rappin' to you)
(Man) no, (c'mon man)
I can't just talk to you? Like let me open up
Be vulnerable and shit like c'mon (hush)(oh)

You probably ain't never had real love before
Uh no like, that's the thing, like, I have
And that's why I can tell this is giving fraudulent
It's giving fickle (I don't even go to no other spots)
We over here, baby, like I'm tryna fuck on some fresh shit, you feel me?

There's no projection
I just can tell by your erection
That (mm) this is shady
Girl, I ain't gon' pass on that ass (I bet I'm enough for you)
You know what I'm sayin'? I'm on the gas
That was lame
That was lame (and it's my little)
That was really lame (angel, angel)

And I love all your angles, angles