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"Ain't Reason"

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Ain't reason to doubt now
Too easy to bow out
It's feasible I'm blocking out the noise like surround sound
These are the words that never cease
It's a countdown we steady plotting
Told her ain't reason to doubt now we really bout it
Proceed with caution
My vision clear swear yall niggas like to Fetty Wap it
Barely locked in three pools of money
When we've said and done it
One to feed the fam
One to ease the pain nigga
And another one to belly flop in
Yeah Betty Crocker
The way I'm steady after all the dough can't let it flop to
What could've been or hovering like helicopter
That's why I'm already clocked in
That line already dropped it
Can't let you off y'all really thought
Y'all niggas merely doppelgängers
Bossed up Rob Pelinka
The way the flock when I drop a banger
She like my voice but I'm not a singer
Don't turn on boy like the Macarena nigga
Cause we off to the moon
I been locked in the room
Got me thinking they'll stand for ARDN
Like walk to the groom
Smell me not talking the fume
Niggas I rock with a few mama had said
To honor God through the music
And honor God with the voice
The kinda guy who been bruising
But keep the mind feeling poised
We not abiding to rules
And move like we mafia boys
I'm not obliged to let you in
Rather divide it by choice
You get the point nigga
Maybe that's my flaw cause these niggas change like the season do
Need I remind y'all man to doubt there's never a reason to
I'm sorry I'm too focused ain't spoken for like a week or two
Ain't pick the phone just pick the slack
Hit the road and make it back
Hope to tell you stories of how I'm living the dream I wrote
Don't get it distorted we'll shine bigger than seen before
There's a lot of road but they swerving all in my lane
It's written all in they face this written all in my name no doubt

How long til I hit land
I'm impatient not to mention
I want it for myself
Is that too much to ask for
Don't doubt it remember
It's all in my head I'm all in
The bad it's all in the rear view
So glad to call it home