Anterrabae Lyrics
"Clever Shoplifting Tactics"

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Hey there anonymous, this doesn't concern you. Notice the
expiration sly. Resignation imposed as I've been shedding
the seconds and applying the formula, you see? Maybe we're
all just numbers after all. Logically impaired, conducive to
rapid exchange and repeating, repeating, repeating... till
you've run out of those to exploit. Markov entrusts the
significant while the steps are outlined. Moments like these
are best expressed in binary and systems alike are best
explained through song. Yet still, rumor has it you will not be
missed and the truth is, I'd rather live by Sicilian proverbs
than the words of a modern day savior. In the end, you won't
mean much to me. Build a perfect life. Now, build a life and
set it on fire.
This song is from the album "Shakedown Tonight".