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American Music Club Lyrics
"What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up"

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The take-off makes no sound
It's high and far away
Your blue sky by the moon
It takes my breath away

Why do you choose
What you choose to throw away into the undertow
A happiness like we'll never know

You can overcome your bitterness and pain
And you don't remember how
To start your life again

You were born to please
Born to put on a show
But you always run away
From a happiness like we'll never know

No hiding place in all the sky
No camouflage to keep you warm at night
No clothes you got seem to keep out the wind or the rain
No way out from your shame

The take-off makes no sound
As you fly away with that look on your face
That gives it all away

Secrets that the sea would never tell the soul
But where the current flows
A happiness like we'll never know