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"The Crush"

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Don't you worry we will finish what we started, I promise
You are not on hold. I swear you will catch the wave I
Rode on, cause things are looking great and I've got so
Much time, I've got so much time!

And if I'm slipping like sand through your hands tonight,
Don't sail away, meet me.
I'm still making big plans, stirring up the ocean, don't sail
Away, don't sail away.

This is my favorite season, changing colors in the sun.
Letting good days pass us by. Your love is luck I'm
Losing. Don't you worry we will finish what we started,
We'll sail away and have the life we always wanted. Until
Then, in your room from your window, I wish you could
See the best times, saving the best lines for you!

Let's get together and we'll build a city, and if you're
Willing I'll be coming back ready, put up and if you miss
Me, spin me, sing me!