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Aleon Craft Lyrics
"Ghetto Dope"

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(Feat. Backbone)

I like the living side to be like a metro nome
You speak freely metro phone
Nigga ain't .. but hope the mess go home
Guess is all about American ..lots of broken promises ..
.. bees like the roof like the .. break the shit ..
inflammation, inflation, information gets hidden like
..go sick, we're so sleep
Everybody say goodbye to the .. rest in peace,
.. alien speak, alien speech
Which means little buddy I'm hot Miami ..top flow ..be like soul
NASA in the .. weather, arcaeologists ..leathers
..the composition..from another dimension
Soul of universe comprehension

We're all go at ..experimentation..take my ghetto dope
.. so you ain't get no more
We're all go on ghetto dope, experimentation... the ghetto foe
Take my ghetto dope.. you can't get no more.

Quiet .. quiet slept to the thunder..to spit lightning
I'm writing in my book today one might to the .
Now it's open for those ...slower
I just close the door ..put your flow up
it's kind of useless, pleasure by the life ..
I illumination try to light up the battery
You're in my mind so I seek knowledge..
Back from where I come from, what a slumdog
Organized ..composition from another dimension
It's only universe comprehension.


GX remix but I'm ... the done ..phenomenon, bombs over Babylon
Time is the alarm,.. now let it rain...I'm so out here, I'm an alien
.. of the crowd .. passed on beyond, I'm far beyond, you mean immortals
I spit that shit.. so not so fast .. I'm in the .. to the front door
Party people in the front road, say ho, fully automatic ..
Whether scribble in the ..the stone
I have returned to reclaim my ..


I can't get no more, I can't get no more.

Thanks to garbo