Abhi The Nomad feat. Foster Cazz Lyrics

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[Abhi the Nomad:]
Say what you must
'Coz you've got it right anyway
We keep picking sides anyway
Say what you must say
Whatever it is
Blame what you must
'Coz you've got a point anyway
We're just flipping coins anyway
Blame what you must blame

Whatever it is
Whatever it is
Whatever it is
Whatever it is

What's going on here, el cap, whatever
Tell ya friendly neighbors and robbers,
Thieves in the night, eves-droppers, whatever
Tell your family, friends, whatever

Tell your homies, lonely lovers, holy owners,
Brothers, your only homies, honeys, cousins,
Oldies slowly running, holding guns
And solely pullin' nothin, bullets fold in stomachs, whatever

Homie you owe me nothin- seasons change
See the pieces creased and framed
Fleet to free the feast the beast had saved
Leaves keep secrets in each feat, defeat the brain

Creep in easy, when its eaten away
It's whatever
Tell the audience the obvious
Tell the audience where gotti lives

Tell the audience that God died
A long time ago when ya minds did, homie we alright

[Abhi the Nomad:]
And I can't seem to shake it
These things keep me up at night
Up at night
I'm lonely as fuck

Have you ever seen a ghost?
'Coz there's one standing right here
Right here
Believe what you must believe

Whatever it is
Whatever it is
Whatever it is
This song is from the album "Where Are My Friends [EP]".