Ab-Soul feat. SZA Lyrics
"God's Reign"

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[Produced by Purity Ring]

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Hey Ali? Yeah that's right
I can hear myself good now

[Hook: SZA]
This is how it is These Days
You even lose when you win These Days
These Days... God's Reign
Scared to live, scared to move These Days

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Your soul sits on your third eye, Soul sits on the throne
Told you I was the third wheel, that's three wheel motion on chrome
Three's up, three's up, all around the world
We ain't shooting no jumpshots, but we balling, we balling
I'm from where they get jumped or shot 'til they falling, they falling
They ain't heard one word from God but he calling, he calling
I ain't never had a whole rack, til' I was 24 years old
At 25 I spent a hunnid' of those and still ain't got nothing to show
Uh, I guess that's how it is These Days...
Uh, I guess that's how it goes
Cause this world is dark and my Locs is on but I ain't afraid
ABC everythang, every M you end up with is owed
And that's simple math, I had to balance the good and bad
No masters but a mastermind, Master Kush up in my bag
Soulo in the backseat, in a thing with some tints on it
With a thing with some tits on her
And every nigga in this bitch own her

[Hook: SZA]

[Bridge: SZA]
These Days, in chains
You even lose when you win These Days
These Days... God's Reign
Scared to live, scared to live these days

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
My girl died and I lost my mind, I'm off everything except Heroin
Blame God, don't blame her. All I did was take gangsters to church
Got your lady with literature under her Louis bag
Got your kid studying outside of class
Every project that I dropped she bought em
So now she read more than she Red Bottom
Ab-Soul, Abstract, Asshole I'm with the shit
I say cuz around Bloods and I say Blood around Crips, I'm twisted
Got Mary, got Lucy, got Molly, that's wifey, girlfriend and mistress
Ain't no going against me man make another plan, pop a Xan
Forget it
Hahaha, that's how it is These Days
Yeah that's how it goes
Cause we ain't choose this life it chose us
So don't show hate cause she chose us
I'm just stacking paper get shows up
Lil' nigga finish your chores up
That's my word I got shows booked
Got that Purp I pour fo's up, stole the show this a hold up
Ho-Hol up, Soulo Ho, there is only uno
Puto uh, Top Dawg out of this world pluto on pluto, you know

[Hook + Bridge: SZA]

[Outro: Isaiah Rashad]
God's Reign
These Days...
Yo, y'all got some more trees?
This song is from the album "These Days...".